What We Do

  • We help organizations and country programs to build their capacity to engage in advocacy on key issues, develop campaigns, communicate effectively; and build civil society capacity on technical TB and HIV.
  • Provide expertise in technical TB, how to design and implement programs that work for people affected with TB, including rights based programming.
  • Develop communities to better engage with key stakeholders including capacity to advocate for their needs, write policy related to their needs, and produce an evidence base. We work with governments to help them engage with communities and vice versa.
  • Develop policy and guidance on TB and TB/HIV.
  • Enable people to understand TB and human rights related to TB and HIV, including training judges and lawyers to enable them to understand what rights look like for people affected with TB.
  • Provide technical expertise on TB and gender issues, including policy and programs
  • Build capacity to understand key, vulnerable and underserved populations in TB and TB/HIV including programming, key issues they face, and best practice service delivery
  • We deliver high quality training and facilitating of workshops and conferences.

Our Values


Utilize the most up to date guidance and information.


Ensure our people have technical and on-the-ground experience.

human rights

Highlight neglected technical areas such as human rights and gender.

quality services

Provide high quality services that are rights based.

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