Gender Related Issues

Addressing gender related barriers to access to TB, HIV and other disease areas are crucial to helping to end these epidemics.

Overall, men face higher risk of developing TB than women and there are more TB deaths among men. However, TB kills more women globally than any other single infectious disease, and more women die annually of TB than of all causes of maternal mortality combined. Women who are co-infected with TB and HIV are significantly more likely to die of TB than are co-infected men. Studies in Africa have found that HIV-associated TB deaths among HIV/TB co-infected women exceed those among co-infected men by 20%.

Trans people are considered to be disproportionately affected by TB – however, there is a severe lack of data and more research in this area is needed.

We can help you to develop gender sensitive and gender transformative programming.

We also help you to conduct the UNAIDS/Stop TB Partnership TB/HIV Gender Assessment Tool to help address gender inequitable access to health services.

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